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Today I looked up correctional facilities in Virginia, the street value of cocaine, and posting bail.  Lately, I have also looked up ways to blow up a building, biological warfare, ecological terrorism, death from falling, overdose, ligature, lividity, the list goes on and on.  So, in a nutshell, my search history looks like I’m a cocaine dealing bio-terrorist who’s looking to tie someone up and throw them off a tall building I may or may not blow up.  Good thing I’m not any of those things.  I do, however, enjoy making my made-up people do made-up things.

Oh,and that doesn’t even touch the smexy things I’ve been looking up! <evil laugh>

So, now I should go back to playing God in my fictional universe.  I apologize for not having sixes this week, but I have been sick and working (fabulous combination, I might add), so I have been very under-productive on the fiction front.  Next week!