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I know I haven’t done Six Sentence Sunday in a while, I hope you forgive me!

She shook her head slightly, the black silk of her hair brushing the tops of her breasts. “You’re the town golden boy, Mason. The oldest son of one of the richest families in town.” She looked down. “I’m a woman about to lose her livelihood, who’s deep in debt.”

 “So?” he asked, his caramel brows furrowed.

SPEEDING, Chapter 11

 “While I think school is important, you’re not going today,” Reid answered without turning away from the coffee pot.

 “But—wait, why am I arguing about going to school?” Annie cut off her own protests. Instead, she sat down at the table, cereal bowl in hand. “What are we doing today?”

 “Keeping you,” Kendall answered as she turned the corner from the hallway into the kitchen.

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