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And, it’s late on Thursday, too.  Work sure does get in the way of other, more fun endeavors, doesn’t it?  Soooo… What did I promise?  Ah, yes, yet another series I am loving, Carly Phillips’ Serendipity Series.  

  First in the series, SERENDIPITY finds Faith Harrington back in Serendipity shortly after her divorce from an unfaithful user, while her father is headed to prison for running a Ponzi scheme and bilking the majority of the town out of their life savings.  To add insult to injury, town bad boy Ethan Barron bought the mansion she grew up in, and has hired her to redecorate it.  Determined to pull herself up the by bootstraps so-to-speak, Faith throws herself into her work, finding Ethan might not be the bad boy she thought along the way.

This is not a boring, predictable romance.  Along with the sparks between Faith and Ethan, there is a TON of family angst and baggage, not to mention a teenage half-sister.  Tess, a fourteen year-old sister no one had any clue about, forces Ethan and his brothers Nash and Dare together, and man, does that make for some heart wrenching reading.  I love that Faith is stronger than she thinks, I love that Ethan is trying so hard to make up for the past and take care of everyone, I love that Tess is written as a snarky teenager dealing with everything.  Such a great beginning to the series!  Go ahead, click the cover, it’s so totally worth it.

    KISMET is the tie-in novella that focuses on Faith’s frenemy Lissa and her high school sweetheart, Trevor.  I don’t want to tell you too much because it would spoil SERENDIPITY, but KISMET is a sweet story of love reunited.

   I just finished DESTINY on Sunday.  This one starts off at Faith and  Ethan’s wedding (c’mon, that is sooo not a spoiler, you totally knew that would happen in a romance!) and finds Nash Barron kissing Kelly Moss.  Now, that wouldn’t be a problem if Kelly weren’t Tess’s half-sister.  Of course, Kelly isn’t in any way blood related to Nash, and, well, he can’t seem to help the attraction.  The sparks are mutual, and while they try to fight them, it’s just not possible.  Now, I don’t want to give you too much (you know how I feel about spoilers and recaps), but I’ll tell you that in SERENDIPITY I wanted to smack Nash for his rigid, black and white view of the world with Ethan, and here in DESTINY I grew to love and understand him right along with Kelly.

There’s a great little side story with Kelly’s friend Annie, more family drama–although not all Barron drama–and revelations about the past that shake everyone up.  I loved this book and wanted to keep reading the story!

  Sadly, KARMA, third brother Dare’s story, isn’t scheduled for release until May 1!  But, but, but, I want it now! *pout*  I’d have it pre-ordered, but it’s not available for Kindle pre-orders yet, so I’ll have to wait, but I can promise I’m not letting this series go unfinished.

I love Carly Phillips, and have read a bunch of her other books, too.  If you haven’t, you should.  Here’s a link to her backlist: http://www.carlyphillips.com/bookshelf/

And, that, my friends, is the latest in my series addiction.  Well, the newest addition at least.  Right now I need to go start LOTHAIRE, twelfth in Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series.  All fear the Enemy of Old.