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Not that I was gone for all that long, or you have to run away scared or anything, but here I am!  So… What was I doing while I wasn’t doing my regularly scheduled postings?  Nothing fun, really.  Part of the time I was running around with children, which is awesome, but the other part of the time I was being all responsible and dealing with client things and such… of course, there was also the part of the time I was feeling crappy and/or playing Words with Friends, but as super cool (read: nerdy) as that sounds, it’s back to business, since I have to, ya know, like, finish a book before we can, say, publish it, right?

Soooo…. How about we pretend it’s Sunday instead of Monday and do Six Sentences?

Speeding, Chapter 11

 “I… We were arguing about you.” Blonde curls flying, Annie elaborated, “I told her I wanted to live with you. I yelled at her, saying you were my father, and I could live here if I wanted and then she slapped me.” She twisted a curl in her fingers. “I know I shouldn’t have said the F word, but she made me so mad!”

Dance With Me — Priscilla’s Plotting

Priscilla nodded, ear to the phone. “Are you sure you can do this? You can’t screw this up,” she demanded as she drummed dark red nails against the shiny polish of her desk. “Untraceable, nothing less.”

 “Consider it done, Ms.McClaren,” came the clipped reply.

 She laughed as she carefully removed the blueprint from the scanner and refiled it, pleased with her plan. Davis was nothing if not discreet, and would take care of the competition.  

So, now it’s off to write with me, since I really don’t mean to torture you with months between 3000-4000 word SPEEDING chapters, really I don’t!

Oh!  And I’ll be back soon (likely Wednesday, since I’m *supposed* to be on a Sunday/Wednesday schedule) to tell you about Carly Phillips’ Serendipity Series.  Serendipity (full length novel), Kismet (tie-in novella), Destiny (full length novel). Karma (full length novel) is scheduled for a May 1 release

I love this series!  I’ll leave you links now with a giant thumbs up, and feature them Wednesday.