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Deck the halls with boughs of holly… fa-la-la-la…  *cough* yeah, no.  Honestly, I do love this season, and I love my job, but this time of year is, shall we say, taxing.

So… I know I promised a holiday book review, but I read a great book this week (somehow!) and I wanted to tell you about it.  Not surprisingly, it’s part of a series (shock!) and it’s military romantic suspense (double shock!).  What am I talking about?  HOT ZONE by Catherine Mann.

Second in the Elite Force: So Others May Live series about amazing Air Force Pararescuemen, or PJs, HOT ZONE is set in a decidedly warmer climate than the first in the series, COVER ME.   Where COVER ME was set in the frozen mountains of Alaska, HOT ZONE is set in the Bahamas and opens with our heroine, Amelia trapped beneath a hotel with her thirteen month old newly adopted nephew in the aftermath of an earthquake.  PJ Hugh Franco goes in to help and is immediately attracted to her calm demeanor, not to mention her big blue eyes.

Hugh has been taking the riskiest assignments for the last five years–ever since his wife and five year old daughter died in a fluke airplane accident.  Meeting  Saving Amelia and Joshua opens up old wounds and really wear down his defenses.

Beyond the main storyline are some strong sidestories.  Amelia’s brother Aiden and his wife, Lisabeth just adopted Joshua before the world caved in.  A doctor and a nurse, Aiden and Lisabeth have worked with Doctors Without Borders and Operation Smile and throw themselves into the relief effort when not searching for Amelia and Joshua.  There is some intriguing backstory here, and since you all know how I feel about spoilers and reveals, that’s where I’ll leave it.

Hugh’s CO, Liam McCabe also has an interesting sidestory with a dog handler out of Virginia, Rachel.  She and her black lab, Disco are an interesting pair, and I really loved her tough as nails attitude.  I’m looking forward to Liam and Rachel’s story down the line in the series.

Since I’m not a spoiler or a recapper, I’ll say this: If you’re a lover of military romantic suspense as I am, this should be in your Christmas stocking! (There, I made it a holiday review!)

And, with that, I conclude my two hours of free time today.  *Hopefully* I’ll see you Sunday for a new six!