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Yeah, well, it’s supposed to be, right?  I haven’t even opened my computer the past two days much less written anything, but I do have a couple sixes for you!

With Kat everything was different. He couldn’t lose her, couldn’t let her be driven away. So, he’d hidden their relationship. He kissed her again, sliding his hands into her hair, dislodging her ponytail and savoring the feel of it through his fingers. When he broke the kiss, he took a step back to look into her eyes. “Never, never let anyone make you think I’m ashamed of you.”

From SPEEDING, Chapter 7

A sharp rap on the door pulled her from reorganizing the pantry. Muttering to herself, she stalked to the door, curious as to who would show up a Sunday afternoon. Didn’t they know she was busy freaking out? She brushed off a shudder. No, it wouldn’t be someone with news of Reid. She peeked out the sidelight and didn’t know what to make of what she saw.

Lordy, I knew it would be this way, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.  Our theme song for December is this one (well, mostly) is this:

And, that’s it for me!  I’m not off another day until…. um…. I don’t know when, but I will do my promised Holiday Book Review this week (probably Thursday.)