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For some reason, I hadn’t listed myself in the Six Sentence Sunday list before, but ta-da!  I’m there now.  So…  I suppose you’d like a good six.  From DANCE WITH ME, a sexy six:

What do you want me to do to you?” he asked, one side of his mouth tugged up into a half-smile. He shrugged out of his jacket before loosening his tie. “Do you want my hands on you? My mouth on you?” He took a step back to drape his jacket and tie over the chair in the corner, then slowly unbuttoned his shirt. “Do you want me to take you, slow and easy, or hold you down and ravish you?” He pulled his shirt from his pants, adding it to the pile as he opened his belt buckle, leaving it hanging there. 

And, since I’ve been giving you pieces of both WIPs, how about a sexy six from SPEEDING, Chapter 8.

Effortlessly, he swung her into his arms, never relinquishing her mouth as he made his way to the bedroom. He set her down gently and stepped away. “Strip for me, baby,” he commanded, his voice ragged.

 Accepting that he needed control, Kendall threw herself into the role. She unbuttoned her lavender blouse slowly, leaving it open as she tugged down the zipper of her chocolate brown skirt. With a little shimmy, the skirt was around her ankles, leaving her in a pale pink satin thong, the matching demi-bra, her open blouse, and knee-high brown suede boots. Reveling in the fire in his eyes, she played it up, shrugging out of her shirt as she stepped from the skirt pooled at her feet, treating Reid to a twirl and roll of her hips.

In other news, Christmas season is upon us, and I am scheduled a minimum of 50 hours a week.  Honestly, that’s not as bad as it could be, so I’m grateful to our Office Manager for trying her best not to kill us all–we’ll just have to see if her best laid plans actually, ya know, work.

Also… (I’m just full of info today), if you notice at the top of the sidebar, I have joined a bloghop.  Watch and comment on upcoming Holiday Book Reviews (or pop down a post and comment on SANTA’S WAYWARD ELF–that totally counts) and you just might win an Amazon giftcard!  Details to follow (since I have to make them up!)