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I have to admit I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like this week (can’t say I didn’t expect it, but it’s still no fun…) But I think I can still give you Six Sentences from DANCE WITH ME that don’t need much set up.

He wrapped her in his arms, holding her still. “You know me better than anyone. You know how I think,” he brushed his mouth over hers, “you know how I feel,” he dropped kisses down her neck, “you know what I want,” he finished before claiming her mouth completely. He devoured her, sliding one hand into her hair to cup her head.

 “There’s no denying what you want,” she murmured as she stroked him though his pants. “Be a rebel and take me here,” she whispered before gently nipping at his ear.

And, just for fun… Six from SPEEDING, from way back from Chapter 1.

Officer Caufield was gone for a few minutes, and Kendall could finally breathe. The man was making her head mushy. She had always had a bit of a fascination—oh, let’s face it—an obsession with men in uniform and Officer Caufield lived up to the obsession perfectly. She’d guess he was at least six feet tall with a chiseled jaw and thick, dark hair. It was also obvious the man spent time in the gym. Yum.

Cross your fingers for me that I get to write today and tomorrow.  Today is girlchild’s birthday, and there is sooooo much work to be done before Thanksgiving and THEN it’s Black Friday!

 **runs away screaming**

Well, since screaming never actually accomplishes anything, I have to buck up and do it all.  I should be used to this whole retail thing, since I’ve been doing it for a decade, but it always seems to sneak up on me and steal my holidays.  Wonderful hubby is essentially a single parent for all of December.  But I’ll still have to find time to write.

Aaaaaand…. I’m off!