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I’m really trying to get DANCE WITH ME finished by the end of the year. Really, I am. But, here’s the thing. I started this story thinking it would just be a short story—one act, essentially one scene—but it’s grown into something else. That’s all fine and good, but I haven’t figured out how everything fits together. See, I have this problem. When I write an outline for a story, detailing the opening, the major things that occur and then write the conclusion, it feels like I’m done and my stupid overactive brain thinks up something else to do.

So, instead, I totally pants everything and end up just writing whatever comes to mind, sometimes with long breaks of time in between where I’m thinking of what happens next (NOW you know why SPEEDING has been a chapter at a time. I swear it’s not to torture those of you reading!). I think I have DANCE figured out—Priscilla is, as I like to say, crazypants—and I know who killed…wait…if you haven’t read SPEEDING, I won’t say any more 😉 Suffice to say, I figured some of it out in the shower yesterday (it’s true, great thinking happens in the shower), so let’s hope it works out as well on screen as it did in my shampoo-induced musings.

Not necessarily an endorsement, but… Maybe I need to get these!

Well, I suppose instead of writing this completely goofy post, I should be, oh, I don’t know, working on DANCE or, maybe even SPEEDING. So, I’ll go do that now. If anyone has any fabulous ideas for helping me with the whole plotline craziness, I’m up for that too. Maybe one day I’ll go back to my old outlines and turn them into stories!