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I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but the decorations are up at our store, our hours are longer, and my desk is piled in work. So… I might not be around much on facebook, twitter or here (yeah, since I’m sooooooo good at updating here, huh?)

For now, I’ll tell you about some great books I’ve found time to read (lucky for me I’m a fast reader). Let’s start with the three I promised:

 Third in Victoria Dahl’s Donovan Brother’s Trilogy, REAL MEN WILL is oldest brother Eric’s story.  A great ending to this series, I love how the story ties into the intro novella, JUST ONE TASTE (from the anthology THE GUY NEXT DOOR), the heroine Beth discovering she spent a night with Eric instead of Jamie, tainting the magic of the night and, well, pissing her off mightily.  There’s so much more to this story than just that little blurb, but you know how I feel about spoilers, so I’m leaving you here.  All I can say is, “Read it!”

 NIGHTFALL by Norah Wilson is the second in her Vampire Romance Series, following THE MERZETTI EFFECT.  I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying Norah’s take on vampires.  Aiden is a sexy, charming vampire who also happens to hunt rogue vampires.  Sam is a professional nature photographer with psychic dreams that show her where to go to find the next violent storm.  When she inadvertently comes across Aiden while he’s doing a favor for Ainsley, her next dream sends her to the scene of vampire violence.  Aiden realizes Sam can be an incredible tool in his war against the rogues and enlists her help.  Sam is hesitant to say the least, but after some cajoling (and a helluva guilt trip), she agrees.  And that’s only the beginning!  There’s tons I won’t tell you, but I am so loving this series.

  First in Diana Duncan’s Morrigan’s Legacy- Warriors of the Light series, SWORD OF THE RAVEN is a fantastic paranormal.  Delaney’s cop brother has been framed for murder and she’s holed up in her friend’s cabin investigating when she trips over the body of a naked man washed up on the beach.  No ordinary find, Rowan is gorgeous and powerful, and has a war to fight.  The blurb does it more justice than I do, so click the link and pop over there for me will ya?  I’ll wait.

Okay, so sounds fab, doesn’t it?  It so totally is!  Delaney is so snarky, strong, and loyal.  And Rowan!  Wow.  Gorgeous, sexy, and a Water Mage.  I am so ready for the next book!  

Okay, so I told you about the last of a series, the second of a series and the first of a series.  Ha.  Told you I had an addiction!  

 Oh, and before I run away– right now I’m reading an awesome short story collection, SEAL OF MY DREAMS.  All the proceeds for this $7.99 book go to the Veteran’s Research Corporation, a non-profit dealing in medical research for veterans.