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Let’s try this the right way!  Usually I post my 6 on my facebook page.  This morning, I did, and then added a little bit more of the scene, but let’s try it here.  (If I do it this way, maybe I’ll actually write at least one post a week!)

Anyway…  This is a scene from DANCE WITH ME, from our first actual introduction of our antagonist, Priscilla.

Giving in to the need to throw something, she hurled her glass of iced tea into the wall, reveling in the smash of glass and the rivulets of dark liquid running down the pale plaster. How dare he do this to her? 

Tearing her gaze from the carnage that used to be her tumbler, she stalked the room as she thought. Right this very minute, Mason would be taking his little dancer home. She kicked over an upholstered ottoman, swearing when her delicate Italian leather pump did nothing to protect her toes. The thought of him making love to the little whore made her seethe. She’d waited for him for sixteen years. Sixteen God forsaken years.

Okay, well, now I really want to give you more, but I won’t (of course, it’s there on my facebook if ya wanna look).  I really will be back soon to tell you about a few awesome books I’ve read in the last month… For now, I’ll leave you with links.  Read ’em, they’re fantabulous!