Well, hello there.  You probably thought I had decided not to do this anymore, since it’s been… um… a month since my last post.  Yeah, well, that whole busy life thing got in the way, and it’s only gonna get worse as we head toward Christmas season.  As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I work in retail, so longer hours and more events will be keeping me from the computer.  *Pout* I’d love to just say, “No!” but I can’t since I have these annoying short people in my house who demand things like food and shelter and clothing.  Stupid responsibilities!

So…  I did shelve SPEEDING for a little while to focus on a short story contest.  Unfortunately, the short story morphed into something much longer, so I couldn’t enter it into the contest, but now it looks like it will be a novella.  So… despite my crazy schedule, I’m pushing to get it finished and edited by the end of the year.  The story, DANCE WITH ME loosely ties into the Aylesford series, but is set in nearby Tyler.  Aaaand… I made a pretty cover!

So… instead of yakking, I should probably be writing, right?  Yeah, well.  I’ll be back sooner than later to tell you about Victoria Dahl’s REAL MEN WILL and a bunch of other great things I have found time to read (at the expense of sleeping), but for now I’d better be writing!