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Shoot me for the cheeseball title, but it’s true.  Or, at least that’s what I tell myself when I know I should be writing but am reading instead.  Call it research, call it escape, but I call it necessary.  Oh, and new releases rock!  Well, until you finish them and want the next one RIGHT NOW.

So… What new releases have I read?  Well, let’s see…

Victoria Dahl has a new series she’s started, The Donovan Brother’s Brewery Series.  So far I’ve read everything out- there’s one more to go and I want it now!  The intro story, Just One Taste  is part of an anthology, The Guy Next Door (there are also stories by Lori Foster and Susan Donovan) and is, well, just one taste of oldest brother Eric’s story.  Since it’s short, I won’t detail it here, but it’s a great introduction to the Donovan family, the brewery and Boulder, Colorado.

Next is little sister Tessa’s story, Good Girls Don’t.  Tessa is the baby of the family and really the glue that holds them all together.  In fact, she finds she’ll bend over backwards and, um, bend the truth a little to keep everyone together.  While she’s trying to manage her brothers with a business deal in jeopardy, she’s also dealing with the hot detective, Luke, investigating the break-in at the brewery.  A hot detective with a past that puts her overprotective brothers on high alert.   What’s a good girl to do?

I just finished middle child, Jamie’s story, Bad Boys Do yesterday.  Branded as a playboy, never taking life seriously, Jamie Donovan has decided to grow up.  He has plans he wants to implement and finds himself intrigued by Olivia when she comes into the taproom for a book club meeting.  She’s nothing like the women he’s usually dated, and truth be told, he hasn’t dated nearly as much as everyone thinks he has. She’s buttoned up, mature, REAL, and she thinks she’s all wrong for him.

Those of you who have kept up with me and this intermittent blog know I don’t do spoilers, so there’s not a lot here.  I will say this: I love this series and can’t wait until October 25th for the last installment, Real Men Will.  Victoria Dahl writes very real characters, with real hang-ups and real dialogue, (guess I think it’s real, there, huh?), and I love it.  There is big-time familial friction, fun supporting characters with depth, and of course, hot sex.  You really can’t go wrong.  I thank Victoria Dahl and HQN for releasing these one after the other so we don’t have to wait too long for the conclusion.

This was also release week for Only His, the third in the Hendrix triplet trilogy within Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold Series.  This one centers on Nevada as she tries to challenge herself by moving from brother Ethan’s company to a much larger construction company working on a huge project in Fool’s Gold.  Little did she know, the man she was desperately in love with at eighteen is heading the project.  Tucker thinks love is a trap he refuses to fall into again, so when he and Nevada get together he wants to keep it short-term.  Of course, that won’t work in a romance novel, now will it?

This book ties up the Hendrix girls well, and definitely leaves itself open to stories about the two unattached Hendrix brothers, Kent and Ford and more intimately introduces us to Heidi, the goat girl, the fire chief, Charlie, and the new librarian, Annabelle.  I’m sure the blonde, brunette and redhead trio will be next in the the Fool’s Gold series.

Well, I think that’s all I have for now.  So, good night!