So, I’ve been working on Chapter 8, and it’s kinda kicking my ass. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve got working…


“So, do you want her to be yours?” Jason asked Reid as they sat at the cafe at In The Stacks. Sure, it was a bookstore, but Beth and Macy made some kickass sandwiches.
Reid raked his fingers through his hair for what seemed like the millionth time that day. “I don’t know. If she is, we’ll do right by her, but, God,” he broke off with a shake of his head, “I just asked Kendall to marry me two days ago.”
A grin broke Jason’s face. “Yeah? Congrats, man.”
“Thanks. She’s… Perfect.”
“For you,” he agreed with a laugh. Sobering, he asked, “How is she with the Annie situation?”
“She’s surprisingly okay.”
“She’s a strong one,” Jason commented with a nod. He gestured with his habitual roast beef on rye as he eyed Reid, “What’s your plan?”
Reid shrugged. Jason knew him too well. “What plan?”
“The plan I know you started working out the minute you thought that girl could be yours,” Jason explained, knowing it was unnecessary. He knew Reid knew exactly what he was asking.
“Her grandparents seem competent enough,” Reid began, stopping at Jason’s snort. He lifted a shoulder. “What? She’s a good kid.”
“Fine. Right. Go on,” Jason prompted with his sandwich.
“I figure we’ll see her, get to know her, but she can stay with them.”
“Play it by ear?”
Reid nodded at that. “Exactly.” He frowned. “A kid. Almost a teenager.” He raked a hand through his hair again. “What the hell do I know about teenage girls?”
Jason had to chuckle at that. “Not a thing.” He took another bite, taking time to chew and swallow before he said, “Kendall does though.”
He nodded his agreement to Jason’s assessment, but wanted to think about something else. Switching gears, Reid asked, “Any news on Amy?”
“Adrienne can’t tell for certain if the overdose was accidental or forced.”
“What do you think?”
“From what I can tell, she led something far less than a pristine life, but she doesn’t look like a regular user.”
“She said there were track marks.” He blew out a breath.
Jason polished off his sandwich, nodding as he chewed. “I’m just telling you what she told me. She thinks it could be intentional.”
“Murder, then?”
“Looking like a possibility. Detective Chloe Davenport from Sheridan is coming to meet with us tomorrow morning.”
“One Detective?” Reid asked.
“A chick at that,” Jason answered, his displeasure evident.
“Jesus, Jase. Grow up.”
“What? I’ll bet she never pulls traffic duty.”
Deciding not to follow Jason down that train of thought, given he was grateful for at least one day of traffic duty, he stood and tossed his trash. “Time to pay another visit to Sheridan ourselves.”
“Chris’ll meet us there,” Jason said as he fell into step.