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This week I read an entire series start to finish.  Kaylea Cross’s Suspense series started with OUT OF HER LEAGUE, the story of Christa Bailey, an Olympic-caliber softball player and Rayne Hutchinson, an ERT officer (pretty much a SWAT sniper).  Christa has had a thing for Rayne since she met him, but hasn’t acted on it because of a horrible breakup and the belief that Rayne’s a player.  When she becomes the obsession of a serial killer, Rayne steps in.  There were some hairy situations here, and a fabulous climatic ending, but oh, my friends, this book is just the beginning of a great series. This is one of those series that seems like it’s one big story shown through different perspectives, especially from books two through five.  I’d finish one and just start the next one, it was that engrossing…  Hence five books in, oh, four days.

Next is COVER OF DARKNESS.  This one centers on Bryn, the social worker best friend of Rayne who also happens to be the the daughter of a high-ranking Lebanese politician.  Bryn is in Beirut visiting her father when a terrorist’s bomb blows  up an embassy party and she and her father are kidnapped.  Who saves them but a SEAL Team, headed by Declan “Dec” McCabe.  Dec and his SEALs get them out, and it turns out her best friend’s father is a CIA operative who wants to use Bryn as bait to catch a major terrorist.  Dec doesn’t want Bryn to do it, but signs on to protect her.

The third book, NO TURNING BACK picks up right where COVER OF DARKNESS left off, with CIA communications specialist, Samarra “Sam” Wallace running for her life, unsure of whom she can trust.  She chooses Ben Sinclair, a former Army Ranger who she has felt a strong connection with since meeting him…  Okay, yeah, an attraction.  When the operations keep going sideways, Ben wants to trust her, but isn’t sure if he can- even if his feelings for her are overwhelming.

Next is Rhys Sinclair, Ben’s fraternal twin brother.  Former Delta force, Rhys suffered a major injury in the previous book, and was saved by Sam’s sister-like cousin, Dr. Neveah Adams.  Their book, RELENTLESS, is probably my favorite of the series.  I’m not sure if it’s because I love the tall, dark, handsome and dangerous stoic hero or what, but I loved this book.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you too much about it because it gives away a lot, and you know how I hate that.

Finally, Luke Hutchinson gets his own book with the series closer and the most heart-wrenching of the series in ABSOLUTION.  His and Emily’s story has been told throughout the entire series, and was done beautifully here.  Of course, telling you about it will tell you too much, but I highly recommend this series.  I think I love the last two books the most because as you read this series, you become more and more attached to the characters and engrossed in their stories.

So, now I’m on a military romantic suspense kick.  Anyone have any suggestions for me on what to read next?  I just downloaded the first TALL, DARK & DANGEROUS bundle by Suzanne Brockman, and will be starting that soon, but I (and my serious addiction) are open to suggestions!  And a big ol’ *Thank You!!* to my virtual girlfriends over on the I-Team facebook page for turning me onto some new writers.  I hadn’t heard of Kaylea Cross before, but now I can’t wait for more.