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Well…..  I haven’t written all that much this weekend.  Truth is, pre-order books arrived on my Kindle April 1st and I simply had to read them!

First, there was She Who Dares, Wins by Candace Havens.  This is the second in the Stonegate Agency series and was super fun.  I’m sorry I have to wait till May for the next one, Truth and Dare.  If you haven’t read the first one, Take Me if You Dare, you should.  The Stonegate Agency is a security agency with ties to the CIA and all that goes with it.  Like I said, super fun.

The second book I read was The Sweetest Thing, by Jill Shalvis.  Now, I will totally admit to being a Jill Shalvis fangirl.  I’m not even sure how many of her books I own.  This, too, is a second installment in a series.  This series, Lucky Harbor, is emotional as all get out.  Rarely am I moved to tears while I’m reading, but this one did that (also kept me up till nearly 3am!).  There’s so much here I can’t really begin to explain without throwing a spoiler in there, so let’s just say you should read it.  If you haven’t read the first one, Simply Irresistible, you should.  I am kinda bummed I have to wait till December for the next one!  Oh well, I’m sure I’ll love Head Over Heels when it arrives via pre-order too.

The next one (I know!) is by a facebook friend, Nicola Marsh.  She’s an Australian writer and her book, Sex, Gossip and Rock & Roll, was thoroughly Australian.  This was a story that did revolve around rock & roll… and sex and gossip.  Two very damaged souls find each other and fight it every step of the way.  If you haven’t read much by Australian and UK authors, I highly recommend it.  I will admit I looked up a couple words that are not typical American words, but that’s how we build vocabulary, isn’t it?

And…  I read a cute short, Wrong Number, Right Man by Darah Lace.  This one was sizzling hot, and cute as hell.  I love friends to lovers stories and this one didn’t disappoint.

So, other than reading this weekend, what did I do?  Oh, um, not much 😉  I *did* make chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for brunch this morning, and I have actually written some more of Speeding today as well as some of Skylar’s story.  For those of you who have been keeping up with my other stories, you may be surprised who shows up in Ashford and sweeps the delectable Sky off her feet.  Stay tuned 🙂