Here’s a question for the times.  I’m sitting here with a laptop on my lap and a smartphone within reach.  On either one I have access to facebook, twitter, any number of social networking groups (linkedin, myspace, goodreads, whatever) not to mention email.  Oh, yeah, and my phone can actually make calls and texts.

Just now, I was watching a new TV show while tweeting about it, texting a manufacturer, and emailing a client (from real life) while ostensibly working on the next chapter of my serial story (which, oddly enough, I wasn’t *actually* doing).  So… here’s the question: Is it possible to be too connected?  Are we yakking at each other via twitter and facebook and whatnot instead of getting anything done?  Is this just a product of modern times, when we’re all in front of one screen or another instead of getting the necessary human interaction, so we “talk” to each other via some social network?  Are we yakking at each other instead of actually being productive? (Evidently, I like the word yakking tonight.)

Well, now I really should write a page or two (or twelve) for my serial….. (yep, the twitter tab is closed now too.)