So, for those of you following my story, Speeding (here’s the link) Chapter 4 is submitted and should be up soon.  I hope to wrap up Reid and Kendall’s story soon, but I have a lot more stories to tell in both Aylesford and Ashford.  We’ll see how that all works out, since I have a day job (stupid necessities of life!) and a family pulling me in multiple directions at any given time.  (Yes, I know I shouldn’t whine about those things, but oh well.)

As for things I’ve been reading- I just finished Felicity Heaton’s Love Immortal and it was fabulous!  For anyone who loves a good paranormal romance, this book has everything.  I mean everything, too.  We have Greek gods, vampires, werewolves, demons, humans with powers…  Yeah, I told ya it had everything.  Throw in romance and lots (and lots) of fighting, and you have a happy Hayden.  Felicity is one of my favorite paranormal authors (and, I’m happy to say my friend on facebook) and I highly recommend checking her out if that’s up your alley.