Well, yeah, I did, didn’t I?  I promised I’d update here often, and now I’ve left this little blog unattended for three weeks.  *Sigh* Well, lots has been going on IRL so I haven’t been able to update.  So… What have I been up to, you ask?

Well, first things first, Kresley Cole has a new book out and it’s awesome (of course it is, right?).  I love the Immortals After Dark series- I have all 11 books- and the latest one, Dreams of a Dark Warrior features Regin and her berserker (finally!).  I never would have guessed things came together the way they did, and a lot of this story runs parallel to
Carrow and Malkom’s story, Demon from the Dark, answering questions and bringing up many, many more.  This series is incredible and I can’t wait for the next one!

Also, Kat Martin had a new book that arrived on my Kindle this week, the latest in her Against the… series so that was something I had to read as well.  The Raines brothers are fabulous men and I hope there are men like that in real life too.  The latest installment, Against the Law is youngest brother Devlin’s story and it’s a doozy.  In case you haven’t read the first two, they are Against the Wind featuring oldest brother Jackson and Against the Fire, middle brother Gabe’s story.  I love these books and think Kat is a talented author.  My only beef is that she often refers to former Marines and other military as ex-marine, etc and as I understand it, it’s “once a Marine, always a Marine” and men that have served and retired or discharged are called former Marines.  The term ex-marine denotes dishonorable discharge which is obviously not what was meant.  Other than that admittedly minor issue, the stories are great, with tons of action and romance with emotional depth and I recommend them.

Finally, I have a series on Lit I am working on, Speeding, and I need to add a chapter- I just haven’t gotten a chance to sit a computer not to mention figure out how the story comes together.  So, to anyone chomping at the bit for the next part, I promise it’s forthcoming!