I recently (like, this week) started a series on Literotica.  Well, so far the first part is up, but I said started.  Anyhow, I’m liking where the story is going, and it’s an erotic romance.  What I thought was funny was along with the “love it, where’s the rest?” kind of comments, I had one that called the heroine a slut (yeah, she jumped the hero- I said it was erotic romance) and actually received an email telling me the story started out awesome (really, that’s what they said), but as soon as Kendall jumped Reid it dissolved into sex.  Now, yeah, there’s a lot of sex (perhaps too much… no, wait, you can’t have too much…) in the story, but I think the characters are developing and I think the dialog is pretty good, and this is only the beginning.  If you’re so inclined, pop in over there (Speeding) and tell me what you think (and give me a good vote!)