Sorry this post will seem whiney today, but…  Well, I outlined a story- a very intriguing story with characters that speak to me, in fact- but now, well, it feels like the story is finished.  I haven’t written the first word of dialog, but I have the whole story mapped out, and feel like I’ve told it already.  Ack.  So….  Anybody have any suggestions for me?

Speaking of whining… I have a problem bouncing around.  When I don’t outline and shoot myself in the foot feeling like I’m finished before I even really start, I tend to write scenes that may or may not relate to one another and then bounce to a different, often related story and write a scene there.  I don’t know if I have writing ADD or if maybe I have too many things going on at once in my head, or if I’m just a crazy person, but again, if anyone has and ideas for me, I would be grateful.

Okay, well, I’m off to write…. Something.