Well, maybe it’s not so wicked, all things considered.  But….  I hope it’s at least a little bit that way.  What I’d like to do with this blog is rant about whatever comes to mind, and offer advice if I’m asked.  It seems I’m not half bad at the advice thing, and I’m quite good at dissecting the whys behind the actions.

I would also like to link to my website and my facebook profile.  Currently, I have some shorts posted on Literotica and I have a ton (and I mean a ton) of projects in progress.   I periodically change the excerpts on the site, and would love feedback.

I am currently reading a great paranormal series by Tracy Madison.  The first in the series, A Taste of Magic, is currently FREE on Amazon Kindle.  Honestly, the freebie from Amazon is the reason I began the series, and it did its job- as they expected, I loved the first book and HAD to download the others.  The series is all first-person narrative from the POV of four very different women (one per book), and although I normally am not a fan of first-person, I have enjoyed the series immensely (I am about halfway through the fourth book, By Magic Alone at the moment, and I started the series…um…yesterday.)  I very much enjoy how each woman is gifted with magic uniquely her own, and the characters are well drawn, beautifully quirky and the romance is meant to be.

Okay, so basically you now know I read too much, have a bazillion stories in my head, and like to pick apart people and figure out why they tick (um, yeah, can you tell I minored in psychology?).  So, maybe it’s not that wicked of a mind, but rest assured it’s a chaotic one!